Friday, January 21, 2011

nipple confuse ke??

assalamualaikum kawan2..

sempena jumaat yang mulia, harus mula dengan salam dulu yek..
semalam cuti Thaipusam buat ape???

i meluangkan masa bersama familia tercinta di umah my in-laws..melingkar depan tv secara berjemaah bersama2 dengan 2 hero adorable niece, Danish and of coz my prince charming, Rafique..gambo x bley letak..censored..kihkihkih..

sebenarnya got a problem here..recently, BS Rafique cakap dia macam x nak drink from bottle..kena paksa.bila dah lapar sangat, then only he drink..dan ini jugak membuatkan Rafique is a bit cranky this a sign of nipple confuse kawan2???sedangkan all this while Rafique memang ok jer dengan feeding bottle First Years yang kitorang dah pakai since he is 2 weeks old..

maybe some of new friends were thinking nape i introduce Rafique with bottle too early kan??kalau tertanya2, boleh singgah sini untuk tahu kisah silam itu k..

back to the issue. some of the advice yang i dah dapat berikutan dengan masalah yang melanda ni ialah:

  • tukar size puting to a bigger one..currently we were using small size teats yang memang datang together with the bottles..but i ada baca that breastfed babies x yah tukar teats size, just used the newborn size..
  • tukar feeding bottle brand lain..mungkin Rafique dah x suka puting jenis tu..

sebab bottle First Years ni x boleh fit dengan puting brand dia x sama ngan the usual teats..

and the other opinion is..

  • feed him with solid foods with the reason mungkin susu alone dah x boleh kenyangkan dia..hurmm..don't u think its too early??Rafique baru nak masuk 4 bulan next week..

what say you??
or any other opinions????

sangat memerlukan piece of advice now..please please..


Mama AminAzim said...

mcm anak me azim pun nipple confuse jg.. bermcm2 jenis.. besar kecik botol n teat yg me beli n bg kat dia... smpai dah nak masuk keje.. azim still x mau minum ss melalui bottle.. redha jg la antar kat BS.. mmg cranky aje la masa tu.. smpai la BS suh me beli teat yg paling murah la pd me.. doctor baby yg wrna coklat tu..n azim blh terima teat tu smpai skrg... mgkn sbb teat tu lembut mcm nipple kt kan..

deena awanis said...

pakai kat bottle apa ek??maknanya after tukat teats tu azim can tolerate both bottle and direct feeding ey??i risau takut rafique x mau direct breastfeed pulak bila dh tukar teats tu..

Mrs Nageb said...

Deena,Mareesa Naima pun ada problem mcm2 ni,sampai pengasuh tu kena sudukan susu,I guna Avent botol dulu then I beli The First Year botol dan NUK botol..I bagi dedua suh pengasuh try bagi kat Mareesa Naima.Lucky she can accept the NUK botol tanpa try The First Year botol.Tapi NUK yang I beli ni guna puting coklat lembut and I beli yang saiz besar ala2 size breast gitu..cubalah..but anyway bila ngan I she still nak direct..huhu

Mama AminAzim said...

pakai kat bottle pureen yg BPA free tu... tukar teat botol tu aje... n bl ngan me azim mmg reject bottle.. azim direct breatfeed aje.. tp deena kena jg bg direct walaupun rafique dpt terima teat tu.. waktu malam atau waktu cuti jgn bg bottle lgsg.. klu waktu cuti nak bg bottle pun suh papa dia yg bagi supaya dia x lupakan teat tu..1x sehari cukup la.. nie berdasarkan pengalaman me masa abg dia me x d problem mcm nie..

Mami Hadeef said...

kak deena, kite menghadapi masalah sama.. hadeef pun reject EBM by using MAM bottle.. jenuh pikir nak setel masalah camne.. so, skang ni try beli teat Dr Brown.. lembut teat dia, tapi pakaikan kat MAM botol.. tak try lagi.. kalau dia reject jugak, nak try teat NUK plak.. memang teat ni kene try n error je..

padahal dulu oke je guna teat MAM.. tapi skang memang dia betul2 boleh beza teat yg 'real' dengan tiruan.. hehe

`BaHa` said...

hi deena, same la macam kes Amir. Masuk 3 bulan dia reject bottle padahal botol tu la dok practice since newborn.
1)Tukar teat is one of the way, dulu i guna avent > first year > pigeon peristaltic > MAM. he's doing fine with MAM. Tapi memang kena test n error, some teats works wonder for some babies but not works wonder for your baby.
2)Feed solid food. Actually Amir pun dah start makan since 3 bulan setengah, started from issue reject botol ni la. In market memang ada solid food four months. I'm about to write an entry pasal ni.

Hunny said...

hi deena, why dont u try tommee tippee. puting dia besar cm nipple size, mmg cover sume area mulut baby.avent pun quite ok tapi tak sebesar tommee tippee.good luck :)

deena awanis said...

thanks all for the feedback..humpphh..payah tol nak wat decision when it comes to our baby..huhu

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