Tuesday, June 5, 2012

fun with alphabet ideas

i am now obliged in introducing Rafique to alphabets and numbers..as hubby was'nt agree about the idea of buying Rafique the alphabet lacing play set for safety reason,  i am now googling for ideas to make the learning sessions more fun..currently we just use the alphabet foam mat as you can see in his playroom and poster other than drawing/doodling method..well, i'm not creative enough to create my own games..cilok from others are much easier for me..;D

so, here are some ideas that i got from my "research"..

maybe we can replace the cornmeal with flour..ke benda yang sama je sebenarnya cornmeal dengan flour tu eh?? hurm...

and this new idea of painting..menarik juge ni..we have water colour that is yet to be opened. sebelum ni i banyak guba crayon je with Rafique..sometimes, colour pencil pun guna..tapi sebab Rafique suka throw the colour pencils, i prefer crayon.

the magic letters.. yang ni macam ala2 discovery..maybe i can just used sponge/brush..

alphabet playdough play.. playdough pun dah ada kat rumah..cuma cutter tu je takde..kalau tak jumpa alphabetical cutter pun, maybe we can just use the playdough to shape the alphabets..hope Rafique will enjoy it..=)

cukuplah 4 ni dulu..these are the activities that i think suit Rafique's age and suit the sources we have at home now..ada banyak lagi activities that i am so eager to do with Rafique later when he's bigger. let's try these first..good luck to us!

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♥ ROS ♥ said...

Wah mencabar jgak nak main mcm tu :) kna btul2 ade dgndiorg ler,klu x comot abis laumah..hahahha