Thursday, May 3, 2012

what to expect on 19 months old toddler?

this is what you should expect when you read book for your 19 months old toddler..

x sampai 1 minit dia dah nak tutup buku..

kita baru muka surat 2, di dah sampai ke belakang.. ;-)

but we enjoy reading with rafique as much as he tries to close the book..hihi..

he start recognized all the animals and able to distinguish the sound of bird, duck, goat, cat etc (he even make the sounds) few months back. ibu dia jer yang tak update kat blog..

i was hoping to record him counting 1-10 (both in english and bahasa melayu)..we only taught him to count in english. bukan menduakan bahasa kebangsaan but i found it easier since one two three semuanya satu suku kata compared to satu, dua, tiga each involved 2 suku kata. normally babies tend to take suku kata akhir je kan..that's why i think in english would be easier. lucky to be Rafique his babysitter pun rajin mengajar. so, he get satu-sepuluh from his babysitter but still not-so-bahasa-melayu lah, its more in his own language..but he manage to count without skipping. what an achievement!

babies really have spongy brain.. i hope i'll have more time to teach rafique..
nak start dengan alif ba ta pulak..or maybe some dua'..

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♥ ROS ♥ said...

hahah.. tu normal la nak tutup buku cepat.. pandai dia sebut duck pastu tgn dia wat mulut itik tu.. :)