Thursday, January 5, 2012

the factor to consider when choosing the best school for your child..have you think about this??

today is the second day at school for school children all over Malaysia. every kids must be very excited with new uniform and new stationeries..Barbie theme??Ben 10 theme??Smurfs theme??you just name it, you'll find it!!hihi..

well, obviously the parents are excited too!!especially for those with kids first time entering kindergarten or primary school.mummy (ehem!) had been busy searching, studying, googling the best school in town which meets their listed never-ending criteria just to make sure your children get the i right??don't deny this.because i've did that even Rafique still have 5 years before entering formal kindy.blame the motherly-feeling inside me.

today, i'm gonna share with mommies one of the criteria that we should look at when finding the best school for our children which is S.A.F.E.T.Y!!

Here's the list that you should ask yourself (at least) when considering the safety factors at school..

  1. Is student safety a priority for your school and your community?
  2. Do parents have access to reports that include information about the number of violent or other unsafe incidents at the school?
  3. Does your school have procedures for responding quickly to unsafe situations?Is your the school have a traffic controller in charge?
  4. Is the school have a drop off zone?
  5. is the bicycle parking area located nearby the vehicles drop-off zone?
  6. Are counselors and psychologists available to work with students who are troubled or disruptive?
  7. Are school facilities attractive and hazard-free?
  8. Is safety addressed in all aspects of the school program-the cafeteria, physical education, classrooms, playgrounds, after-school programs, etc.

i don't know if somebody think that i've gone too much of listing these here, its just my two cents..but i bet no parents is willing to put their children in the situation which might be dangerous. if we can be fussy in choosing the suitable syllabus for the children, the physical attractiveness that so-called can stimulate our children's development, then why don't we be fussy on safety issues as well??

AT LEAST, the school management and PARENTS should have been aware about all possible dangers inside or nearby the school compound. and do something about it..hopefully..

Kids are not small adults. they can't take good care of themselves. adults have to!!



Ainul said...

good info.tq deena :)

Anonymous said...

looking for a kindergarten near putrajaya?? Alif ceria might b a good option for u.. =)