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Thursday, January 5, 2012

i love smelling deliciously good because...

its been long time since i last joined a giveaway i think..this time is a giveaway by From USA with love. now is chance for us to win these deliciously smells VS Fantasies : Fragrance Mist by Victoria Secret. as a new year's present maybe..

i love smelling deliciously good because..it elicit the feels of joy, confidence and well being. as my work requires me to meet a lot of peoples everyday, smell good is a key to confidence!!yeehhhaa..and it will make people around me feels more comfortable to work with me.thus, indirectly smelling delicious will help to increase my work performance..make it quadriplet benefits to me..=)

i want to tag Kak Azie, Ainul n Jue for this giveaway..

good luck all!!


My Azie said...


Ainul said...

nak jgkkk!! tq tag ainul

Princess Cindellyna said...

noted!thanks for joining dear!=D