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Friday, December 16, 2011

fakta yang kita tak suka lihat

did you know these????

10 children die in Malaysia daily due to unintentional injuries.

the main killer for children in Malaysia is Road Traffic Injuries, followed by falls.

50% of children in Malaysia these days had been abuse and most of the abuser are the PARENTS!! followed by caregiver (nursery/babysitter).

out of 2000++ nurseries in Malaysia, only 780 were registered.

if you do care, read this poem..it really touch my heart..

these are just few of the facts that i can remember..ada banyak lagi alarming stats which really bring me to shock!!later will share lagi dengan u all k..

take good care of your children..they are our future..

much love..muahhhhh!!


MyRule said...

Bab nursery tu memang caya..sebab masa cari nursery ammar kat shah alam ni..area 18.19.20 hanya ader satu jek nursery berdaftar.

sapphire said...

research dina mcm menarik laa...
bila start? :)

Mrs Nageb said...

Kan..jom sesama menjaga our baby sebaik mungkin.. :)

deena awanis said...

kak nilam : dina will be doing research on unintentional injury at home among children. tengah prepare proposal..=) dah bertukar dr occupational health ke public health..hihi..

khaleelah : insyaallah..

Mama Adam said...

agreed. tapi, even nursery yang berdaftar pun, bukan betul2 ikut pun... kita kena selidik2...