Thursday, December 1, 2011

because tomorrow..

tomorrow will be a very exciting day!!

because tomorrow i'll go n pick up something which is very special from Kak Kiwi's oven which hopefully will make him happy on the day after tomorrow..

and tomorrow also will be a big day to one of my besties, my lovely kak mimi n his very-soon-to-be-hubby, wandy..paling gembira for them coz after all the ups and downs, happy and teary moments along these 5 years, they finally will be pronounced as man and wife..i nearly cried writing it here!! #emoterlebih

dan sangat seronok sebab dapat jumpa besties masa kat upm dulu..geng2 sama menari n theatre, perform together, training sampai pukul 5pagi, pastu bila dah habes show or competition pergi berhoyeah2 beramai2..miss those momentos..

another part which hopefully will be interesting too is the reading part.yeehhhhaaa!!! esok kena start writing my proposal..tak boleh biar idea2 hanya terawang di udara..kalaulah idea tu boleh disedut and by magic written on papers..#how i wish

ok lah..nak balik.bye!!


Mrs Nageb said...

Semuanya happy belaka kan.. :)

deena awanis said...

alhamdulillah few weeks ni banyak kegembiraan..=)