Wednesday, January 20, 2010



sedang otak i tengah berangan about the "bulan-mengambang-yang-tak-kunjung-tiba", tangan pulak mengugel sesuatu di papan kekunci laptop i...

maka, tertaiplah perkataan ini >>>>>
gile hebat punyer mimpi di siang hari neh..huhuu..

hari ni barulaa i tau, bukan i sorang jer yang akan menjadi segan to tell the parents IF i'm pregnant..that's why they all share the stories of their special moments to help out the mommy&, tadi i jumpa many creative ways people had done to annouce the big news!!

one of those that attract my attention is story by Jennifer who wish her mother who never-be-a-grandmother-yet "Happy Mom's Day, Grandma!!" on the mother's day celebration when she's expecting the first grandchild for the sweet..

if any of you are interested, you can read more sweet stories of annoncing the "new arrival" here where there are hundreds of stories about that special moments. and of coz i'll be referring to this website too sooner or later..hehehe..amin..=)

:9: if i'm expecting a baby, i nak announce kat TV3 boleh???



Atiqah Adnan said...

wah... tetibe tak dapat bayangkan bagaimana perasaannyaaa..

sI tEDI said...

dah konferm ke?

deena awanis said...

belom tedi..hanya angan2 ajek tuh!!kehkehkeh..

atiqah : it must be too sweet to be imagine kan..=)