Thursday, April 5, 2012

boy must have : stylish hair-do for 2012!

this is the hair-do that i mean in the title.

stylist : Mr. Hubby
qualification : you-dont-even-want-to-know-where-he-learn-to-do-all-the-style
model : Rafique the sweating little boy
product used : x payah hair gel sebab kepala Rafique dah berpeluh
venue: uncle rizal's wedding ceremony
interested to make your appointment with the stylist? leave a comment at this entry. ;)

selamat pengantin x berapa baru to Rizal and Eyla..

1 comment:

wardah @ fie shah said...

Kalau Kakal ni tak boleh bertahan. Rambut nipis benor. Kena pakai gel baru mau. Haha. Comel giler Rafique.