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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

2012, here i come!!

hello 2012!!!

Disclaimer : this week's entry will be plain, boring, fully english (i'll try my best) as i need to practice writing proper sentences for my IELTS test this Saturday.even if u feel bored reading them, please bare with me ya!!

by the way, today is the first working day of 2012 and i'm trying to come to work on my most "happy looking" attire with the hope vibrant colour will brightened my mood and lift my spirit to work harder in this new year.insyaallah.

flashback to 2011, i did not have any successful achievement other than raising Rafique Zaquan from weighing 5kg until he's 11kg. i hope 2012 will be a fruitful year for my phD.it is going to be a hectic year ahead.

you might notice my "2011 wishlist" check box on my left sidebar had been changed to "2012 phD mission".yes, to show that i'm serious enough about my phD and i just feel somehow by listing my mission in the check box make me feel so anxious to achieve them, in case of 2011 "materialiastic" wishes are all succeed. hope it works for this mission too..#prayhard

actually the mission to get registered for my phD last year is not yet achieved on certain reason. after seeking various opinions, friends and colleagues who are already furthering their studies all agree for me to furnish a good proposal before officially registered, so do my supervisor. this will be helpful to shorten my official study period. meaning that, once registered i already have a workable proposal, proceed with data collection. this is not only to shorten the study period but more cost effective..;-)

thus, i will try my best to work harder from now on..work harder to stick on all the S.O.Ps at work.work harder for my phD. and should this means i need to mumble less here???hope not.i love to write in this blog.i miss writing here if i don't write on weekend.seriously i do.i'm just addicted, maybe.is this how bloggers do feel?

enough for now. so, how's my english essay??not bad haa??i took 20 minutes to write these proper sentences.blame myself who just love to use "rojak" language in my blog entries.



Princess Cindellyna said...

Good luck dear in your journey of geeting yr PHD!=)

Ciare Baha said...

wuaaaa terernya dina berbahasa omputeh hehe. Good luck with ur test this saturday =)

ida_F said...

good. wish u thousands of luck, deena sweetie.

i should apply the 'checkbox' tutorial very very soon too, so that i may register as master student on march and accomplish all the target on time.

wish me luck too.

deena awanis said...

cindellyna, ciare : thanks..

kak ida : good luck!!

e.l.i.z.@ said...

yup.agreed..buat siap² proposal tu.at least jangkamasa nk siap phd tu pendek sikit..jimat kos byk doh tu.

wardah @ fie shah said...

Good luck Dina!

aziyana said...

gud luck..hahaha dina tooks 20mins, kalu yana ntah brape plus mins la..ahahha lama giler tka practice otak mmg jammed!

Mrs Nageb said...

good luck dear :)

deena awanis said...

thanks all darlings!!