Saturday, December 25, 2010

3 months already!!

Rafique turn 3 months today!!
happy birthday my prince..

so, lets check his achievements for this month based on Your Baby Today..

  • Your baby can bring his hands together. achieved!!

  • With a mighty effort, baby can raise his chest, supported by his arms, when he lies on his stomach. achieved!! i have video on this in my handphone actually..kalau rajin, nanti i upload here..

  • Baby can roll over (one way). achieved!! (since 2 months)

  • He reaches for objects. achieved!! dah pandai nak gapai toys yang kami hang dekat stroller n his glider..=)

  • Baby can put some weight on his legs when you hold him upright. achieved!! standing straight..saaangat happy kalau kita pegang dia berdiri camtu..sampai my hubby cakap nak belikan Rafique walker..haiyyaaa..anak tu belum duduk pun lagi dah nak kasik walker..

  • He makes sounds like "ah goo." x tahu laa bunyi ape..banyak sangat dah bunyi dia..asyek nak ajak orang borak jer..

  • Baby laughs out loud. of coz!!asal layan dia borak, memang seronok laa dia..

  • He squeals when he's happy. achieved!!

  • Baby smiles spontaneously. achieved!! and dah pandai smile to respond to us..masa dulu kan he just smile for no reason..

  • He can focus on very small objects. x perasan pulak..hihi

  • Baby turns toward the sound of a familiar voice. yap!!dah kenal suara ibu n ayah dia..=) and maybe his auntie yang dah take care of him for this 3 weeks kot..

well done son!!!


e.l.i.z.@ said...

wahhh cepatnyoo..3bln doh..happy 3mths old ;-)

puterihannan said...

kejap je dh 3 bln.. lagi 3 bln dh grad diploma utk rafique... :D

Peri PiA said...

teruja la bace... ;)

gud sharing!