Saturday, September 4, 2010

Tea Party with your baby bumps!!

sempena hari sabtu yang gembira ini, i nak share something with mummy-to-be yang due date nyer selepas October..

ok, masih ingat Parenthood Seminar anjuran Pitter Patter yang i pergi June lalu???


Kalau yang lepas diadakan kat Kuala Lumpur Golf and Country Club, this time its going to be in Carcosa Seri Negara pulak!!but the payment is still RM10/person!!and it will be held on Sunday,10th October 2010.

i'm sure its really worth it..the informations that u'll gain especially as a first time parents, delicious meals all foods are sooo yummy plus freebies lagi!! =) i bet u won't regret attending it!!

sesape yang berminat, u can get extra info & quickly reserve your seats by clicking here k..

kalau nak cipta record tersendiri menjadi model terpendek dalam sejarah cam i pun boleh!!!they'll do the make-over for u and dapat free pregnancy photoshoot session lagi!!i like!!

the lucky draw winner for grand prize - Stem Cell Cord Blood Preservation worth RM 4500 during the event i previously attend tahu pasal event ni from my blog jugak tau!! kalo x caye, baca kat komen entry tu..but this time they haven't revealed the prize yet!! but i'm sure it's going to be something that will be useful for your baby as well..

so, who knows, maybe this time is ur luck pulak????NGEHEHEHE..Bajet2 cam i sedara ngan founder Pitterpatter..=P

so, why not to grab this chance mummy???


Aura Afzan said...

interesting....! ;) thanks for the info. hehe

link from nadxoxo =)

Peri PiA said...

mesti best,dpt tambah ilmu

deena awanis said...


yerp!!it's really interesting!!
informative and dapat new friends jugak..=)

deena awanis said...


hurm..memang sangat dapat tambah ilmu..sesuai sangat ngan first time mummy..pia should attend also one day..insyaallah...

Peri PiA said...


thanks dear