Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Envisioning Parenthood : FREEBIES

still in the mode of waiting for pictures..maybe mereke busy and belum sempat upload the pics..so, i story mory dulu about the FREEBIES we got from the seminar yerr..

  • RM 20 Modernmum Cash Voucher
  • RM 1O Buds Organic Cash Voucher
  • RM 10 Baby World (Tropicana Medical Centre) Cash Voucher
  • FREE 1 day e-Intense FULL BODY TREATMENT worth RM 660 at Bizzy Body
  • FREE 1 session Essential Facial Treatment worth RM 250 at Facial First
  • S-26 diaper bag
  • FREE photo shoot session by professional photographer from Cover Shots & a 8R maternity potraits
  • 10% discount voucher from Maternity Wearhouz
  • we (models) got 50% discount from Maternity Wearhouz =) for the clothing we wear on the fashion show!!
  • and many more FREEBIES from S-26, Lactacyd, Pureen, etc

the most interesting for me of course the photo shoot session by Cover Shots!!dah lama ni berangan nak berphoto shoot edisi perut moncet..now, i'm one step closer to make my dream come true..plus its for FREE!!!!kalo x, mahu RM200-300 jugak tuh..save bajet..=) alhamdulillah..


ciare (^_^)v said...

wow bestnya!! FREE FREE FREE..i like free stuff. sapo x suke kan? ;) rezeki baby tu :)

deena awanis said...

of coz we do like FREEBIES!!hehhe..

e.l.i.z.@ said...

nama pun FREEbies..everythings free la hehhehe...yup..paling best, free photoshoot session heheh

deena awanis said...

iyer kak eli..sangat excited n x sabar nak gi photoshoot session tu..=)