Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Kamu layak atau tak??jom check!!

entry ni boleh dikatakan sekuel dari entry ini..i terpikir2 kot2 laa ada medical condition yang menyebabkan seorang ibu tu x layak untuk breastfeed her baby & menyebabkan ibu tu terpaksa jugak bagi formula milk to their baby..

here are 6 reasons yang menyebabkan a mummy x layak breastfeeding :

  • had undergo breast reduction surgery because the breast tissues that had been removed contain milk glands & milk cannot be produced.. oohhh..i x pernah undergo any surgery okkk..baik membesarkan mahupun mengecilkan that part..mine is original & segar dari ladang!!hehehe.. -checked-
  • HIV +ve sebab HIV can be transmitted through breastmilk. i dah konfem negative..dah check sebelum kawen ari tu..hehehe -checked-
  • have severe diseases such as heart diseases & severe anemia..just having low blood pressure..not that severe kott.. -checked-
  • having serious infection such as Tuberculosis..alhamdulillah xde.. -checked-
  • receive any form of radiation..x kira laa tujuan perubatan untuk si ibu, ataupun bekerja dengan bahan radiasi..i'm not..i keje ngan komputer, LCD projector, white board & marker pen jer.. -checked-
  • have drug or alcohol addiction..never okkk!! -checked-

alhamdulillah, up to now i masih dalam kategori layak lah..moga2 perjalanan i dan niat suci murni tulus ikhlas ni diredhai dan diperkenankan oleh-Nya..dan dipermudahkan jugak perjalanan tu..aminnnn...

tapi for the case pasal hospital bag tu..maybe i will still need to bring jugak laa kot bottles, teats etc sebab ada info yang i baca cakap pada awal2 bersalin susu x keluar, x kan laa nak biarkan baby sampai lapar pulak semata2 i nak fully breastfeed..x gitu??


E.L.I.Z.A said...

insy'lah..mesti buleh fully k.eli dulu, meme bwk gok botol, cuma x bwk susu hahhaha ngok ngek dih..mulo2 tu try gok bf, tubik sikit sgt pah k.eli sero mcm give up, doh la kito br pah beranok, letih tu x hiley lg..pah nok struggle wi susu bdn pulok hoohoh last2 k.eli suh misi wat susu formula je la..

kiro bf bilo balik dumoh la..

deena awanis said...

~kak eli~

ya la..kalau dah susu x kuar, x kan nak biar baby berlapar pulak dih??

E.L.I.Z.A said...

sungguh heheh...

fizanur said...

kumpul ilmu sebanyak mungkin. semoga dapat bf your baby nanti ya.

Anonymous said...

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