Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Week 5 of pregnancy


feeling like sharing some infos about pregnancy..i got these infos from few informative websites yang i sempat google ketika kebosanan melanda mengadap statistical analysis tadi..huhu..babies infos is curently a super healer for my "always-sleepy-when-doing-statistical-analysis" syndrome!!hehe..

Fetal Development:

Pada minggu ke-5 macam my baby skarang ni, kalau kita scan, it will looks like a tiny tadpole u know..aiyakkk..jangan lak ade yang pengsan ingat pregnantkan berudu lak yer!!huhu...and the size of an embryo pada minggu ke-5 adalah lebih kurang size of a sesame seed..very tiny kn???means perasaan i yang rasa perut cam bumpy tu, bukan coz of the embryo upenyer but sebab lemakkkk..oh no!!
mommies, this is how the 5 weeks embryo generally looks like in your tummy!!=)

the embryo will form 3 layers namely ectoderm (lapisan luaran), mesoderm (lapisan tengah) dan endoderm (lapisan dalam)..and slowly these layers will develop to become the baby's internal organs such as circulatory system, kidney, heart, liver etc..MasyaAllah..hebatkan ciptaan-Nya??

Maternal changes :

as for the mums, usually at the 5th week we can already knew that we're PREGNANT!!obviously sebab kita miss our period laa kan..other than that, we tend to pass urine more often because of the growing uterus keep on pressing our bladder..that's why i pun kena ulang alik pergi toilet up to
15 TIMES A DAY!! huh..luckily toilet sebelah my room je kat ofis..kalau x jenuh jugak laa kan nak berulang-alik...

and also, we (mommy-to-be) tend to be more hungry..no wonder i asyek nak makan ajo!!!huhu..just imagine, kul 9 masuk keje terus breakfast.then pukul 10-11 akan disulami ngan biscuit or bread..kul 12 turun lunch pulak.kul 3 or 4 makan lagi kerepek or ape2 jajan yang ade kat opis tu..malam nanti dinner lagi ngan hubby.lepas dinner kang makan kacang ler, kerepek la, keropok la.asyek mengunyah je mulut i ni!!adoiiiyaaaiii..abes ler makin tembam pas neh...anyway, this is normal at this stage sebab our body need 1.5 times more calories compared to the usual amount!!!alasan yang cukup baik untuk makan tanpa rasa bersalah kannnn..=)

some other symptoms that might occur are swollen breasts, nausea or maybe morning sickness..and please take note that the symptoms might be vary from one another k..

oh ya!!its also the best time to choose a doctor or gynea for check-up throughout the pregnancy!!walaupun belum tau which clinic to go but i definitely will go to a female gynea!!segan weh nanti kalau doctor lelaki nak pegang2 perut i yang sedang dan bakal lebih membuncit lagi iteww..

Tips for dads:

BE PATIENT!!sebab these mommy-to-be banyak 'hal' at this stage and having mood swing..sabar yek daddy!!


plan a special date or event to celebrate the gud news!!
sure swing mood we ols akan berkurangan secara mendadak!!huhu..
my hubby had planned to bring me to Chilli's this saturday..hoorayy!!anyway, dah celebrate jugak at my PIL's last saturday..cayang hubby i..luv u.MMUUAAHHXX!!
:39:sedapnyer Secret Recipe's Choc Indulgence!!



Baiti said...

wow...congrats dear....time nie la kena berhati2...still early kan..realy need lot of rest...keje berat2 jgn buat...nnt jd mcm i..huhuh...take care ok

deena awanis said...

hai baiti..
thanks for the advice..=)
still trying to be more careful..
sbb i'm kinda clumsy person..ngehngehngeh..

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