Tuesday, January 19, 2010

my mum's fried rice + deli wings


i'm currently on the happy mode.
my mum went to my place yesterday!!

rindu mama i tau..dah dekat 2 bulan x jumpa weh..
last jumpa pun masa balik raya korban ari tu..
dah la balik kejap je..sob sob..
actually, my mum went to JB last friday and the job finish earlier than it was scheduled. as she have a seminar to attend in Genting Highlands today and tomorrow ,she cant go back yet lorr...that's why she dropped by at my place yesterday..hoorreeyyy!!

first thing came into my mind when she said that she's coming over, of coz ler nak makan my mum's cooks...so, my plan was terus nak pergi beli some groceries kat Carrefour lepas balik keje coz eventually our groceries are out of stock yesterday then boleh la suruh mama masak!!hehehhe

unluckily, they (actually my mum came with her friends) already have a plan for the night..so disebabkan lambat kalau nak masak then baru nak kuar, cooking activity was postponed to this morning..semalam makan kat luar jekkk!!!

so, this morning mama sempat gak ler melunaskan hasrat i nak makan her dishes..walaupun masak dengan kadar yang sangaattt segera coz i need to thumb in at 9a.m and they need to rush to Genting for the seminar, sempat gak ler merasa my mum's nasi goreng kampung with "deli wings" as our breakfast...

what a perfect morning i have today!!!cam x ingat jer bile kali terakhir i sempat breakfast before work..hahahaha

:1:nak pos nasi goreng to my hubby boley??


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