Friday, January 8, 2010


yesterday i've bought our entrance ticket through Sunway On-line ticketing service and made to know that Sunway Lagoon and Lost World of Tambun are the first ever themeparks in Malaysia offering on-line ticketing service..and there's also special discount rates for those who bought the tickets on-line!!
well, who the hell dont love discounts rite???

the voucher already reached my mailbox just now!!!
Instead of RM 150 for 5 adults, i only have to pay RM 127.50...=)

here the voucher goes!! click for larger image

i'm seriously very very very excited for the trip!!:36:

oh ya!!if anyone (well i said IF, just in case none that's ok..just reminding myself)--berkata2 dalam nada sedih..=( have been reading my previous entry which i told that i'm planning to go to Lost World Of Tambun as soon as i finished my viva, dont misunderstand dear..i haven't finish with the viva yet actually.. viva had been POSTPONED to 6th Feb...=( well am i supposed to be sad when i haven't do hell a thing bout the viva stuff???

but still, how can i wait longer for the excitement till February as my heart is about to explode as this water craving had begin since last year okkkk!!hehhehe...mid december 2009 is still last year what!

ok, ENOUGH!!it's supposed to be a short entry to inform that:

:3:continue studying..


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Ryehanna said...

Lost world mmg best! dah lame xpergi.. baru pergi 2x kot. tu pn tahun bile tah... skrg dh bertambah benda2 dlm tu.

oh ya.. kalau ada kad McD pun leh dpt discount gak. dulu saya bayar rm17 something jer utk masuk [bayaran masuk waktu dulu RM23 kot.]

well... enjoy ur trip!!