Friday, January 22, 2010

i was SHOCKED!!!

tadi i bukak FB...I got 1 message in my inbox wishing me Congratulations for my wedding..

ok, thanks..

what makes me wondering is the person looks familiar but i still cant recognize who exactly the person is.sedangkan she's already in my friendlist plus i dont add stranger to my FB..seriously cant recognize the person from her primary pic..

so, untuk dapatkan kepastian who the girl is, i bukak ler her other photos to see other pics...

i was soooooo shocked seb baik x kena hard attack when i already recognize who actually the person is.

she had 300% CHANGED from what i used to know her as..:4:


it's just soooo unbelievable seeing a person who used to be in her baju kurung and big scarf, suddenly wearing sleeveless top and hot pants sitting on a guy lap when another hugging her from behind rasanye pics was taken when she was in Aussie!!!!subhanallah...

and for God sake she's not a stupid fella who don't understand her religion.i'm not trying to say that i'm sooo good and religious etc and always have bad perceptions on those girls not wearing head scarfs in fact i also just started to wear head scarf since last year.but it is too shameful to see a girl like her in that kind of situation..

she went to somewhere overseas to further her studies after SPM.The last time i saw her was a year after she went more baju kurung but still cover her aurat..then,i never see her anymore until today (5 years after the last meeting)..

this is a real story, and this is not one of its kind..there's few of my friends who happened to have that kind of changes!!i didn't say all of those who went to further their study overseas turn-out like that.but there's few of them who might be Culture Shock.and this is specially true for them who used to have good islamic background (used to go to religious school, have a religious family)..

hope this would not happen to us and our own family..

:47:mahu berubah menjadi seorang yang lebih baik..



iEnA eLiEnA said...

tu lah..
manusia nie cepat berubah kn..
tp klu sy pn terkejut ler..
perubahan yg ketara dan melencong dr landasan tu..

Princess Ayang said...

semua org berubah dina..
dr buruk ke baik atau sebaliknye..
tp bila la aku lak nk berubah??
dr on-off-on-off ke off trus??
ermmm... bg hidayah sket..