Sunday, January 3, 2010

FREE!!Alice wonder bag..

it's another giveaway for the day!!=)

this time from Freebies Just4U!!

(pictures courtesy from ... thank you)

It's an Alice Heart Mini Grey Bag worth RM99 :)

That's right !!!

Our very 1st FREEBIE is a lovely heart mini grey bag from Alicewonder.

PRIZE is sponsored by Sha-Sha.
She won it during one of the contest recently but decided to give it away ...thank you dear :)

How to get this?
1. Only one bag is being given away as pic.
2. MUST - Leave your email as a comment on this page

3. OPTIONAL - Say why you want to win this bag :)
4. OPTIONAL - Be our follower.
5. OPTIONAL - You can blog about this contest and leave your link here too :)
6. OPTIONAL - You can copy our BADGE and keep it in your blog sidebar for easy access to great freebies.
7. OPTIONAL - You can add us in your blogroll.

That's it !!!
Winner will be chosen using
The lucky winner will get the bag for free :)


Deadline : 20th Jan 2010

Note : Contest is open only to Malaysian citizens with valild Malaysian address. Item will be shipped out using normal parcel. Should you want Poslaju, extra charges applies. Pls advise once we contact you :)

actually, i have few reason to make the handbag mine..
first is because i just lost my Guess handbag, black colour which looks similar to this Alice's.
the second reason is VERY SIMPLE that is just because..








and the last but not least is i want to prove myself that i still have my own luck!!OMG!!its soooo damn hard for me to be lucky in any lucky draws..sob..sob..sob..
and finally..


hehehe..gile ape x suka??dah orang nak bagi, ambekkk jer lerr!!
ok, enough for now..
going to perform my prayer..nak doa supaya i'll be lucky somedays in 2010..;-D



atiQah adNan said...

comelnye handbagg.. hehe

deena awanis said...

meh ler kiter 'berebut'!!!!;D