Friday, August 21, 2009

farewell party

This 2-days planned farewell party was held at Restoran Nelayan,KL.A small party but rasanye mmg sampai la objective of the party kot..having a great time with them..actually they all ni are the first batch i taught since i was teaching 18 months back..and the most happening group i ever teached.

I'm sure u guys are quite reluctant coz only 3 lecturers attended the party tapi nak wat cmne coz everyone ade commitment masing2 especially yang dh finally, only me, kak rini and abang rizal manage to attend the party..lagipun korang btau last minute,len kali plan awal2 k..

Aku ngn kak rini pun sampai agak lewat dek kerana kesesakan lalu lintas dan juga kesesatan..masa sampai pun students sume dah siap makan sbb dorang sume dah sampai kat restoran nelayan tu around 7 o'clock...the foods are quite good especially for those who love steamboat..actually ni first time aku sampai ke restoran nelayan ni.selama ni dengar nama je..thanks ey hubby coz give me permission to go.dapat gak r merasa menjejakkan kaki ke Restoran Nelayan ni..huhu.

our steambot..nyumnyum..

2 orang lecturer yg tengah kebuluran n x sabar nak makan..

selepas upacara memenuhkan perut masing2 selesaie, event started by celebrating lydia's 21st birthday..lepas tu diikuti dengan acara bagi hadiah yang super banyaknyer..n the best part is lecturer pun dapat hadiah..yay!!!

celebrating lydia's 21st birthday..make a wish cepat!!

~~us with the girls~~

:kiss:To all my students,
gud luck for whatever u do in future,may GOD bless u..

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