Sunday, November 4, 2012

plan and prioritize


recently, i dapat satu request from sorang silent reader blog i ni..maceh ainshah sbb sudi baca blog i ni..she asked me to share pasal life as a working student cum mummy cum wifey..i rasa ramai lagi orang yang lebih layak to give tipson this..i baru anak  sorang compared to those yang dah ada anak 3-4 org..some even brave enough to add family members while struggling with their students life (which i doubt i can do that)..anyway, i believe in rezeki Allah..He always knows what best for us..

so, juggling with these positions is obviously bukan senang tapi tak jugak mustahil..dengan pengalaman yang ada buat masa ni, i boleh share 2 magic remedies to cater the ever hectic life.PLAN and PRIORITIZE!

as i'm working as a lecturer i rasa i ada advantage sikit laa kot in term of planning my work duties so that tak overlap with my phd classes. for example, semester ni kelas i kat upm hari, i just pull off all my lectures selain dari rabu. as i have 4 days at work, 1 day (selasa) is reserved for the management work..sebab apa i pilih selasa for management work?sbb rabu pagi i boleh submit anything required and bt thursday when i'm back to office i possible get i wont feel the pain of waitig sbb the whole wednesday i busy kat upm..see?that's the power of planning ;-p

by the way plan bukam saje applied for work purpose but also in term of your duty as mummy n wife..plan bila nak basuh baju, lipat baju bla..bla..bla..plan includes what you plan to request other's help.contohnya, basuh baju pukul 9.30mlm sbb by the time baju siap basuh,hubby dah balik keje and i'm on the bed trying to put rafique to sleep.jd dgm sendirinya,hubby will do the sidai kain part...wakakaka. work smart;D

i dengan beraninya mengaku that i rarely mampu study malam2 bevause of the clinging toddler..most of the days dia akan bergayut throughout the night(masa i tengah type entry ni pun dia clinging),so selasa malam biasanya i mwmangtak sentuh any household chores as i need to complete my assignments before rafique's bedtime..and instead of balik keje 4.30pm, i balik lewat sikit at 6pm so that i have 1 hour extra at work everyday doing my assignments.eventhough i have less time to spend with rafique sbb balik dah dekat maghrib, at least when i'm home i belongs to point balik awal, but keep on shouting to him when he disturb me working on my assignments,kan?

however, i dont think this will work for the upcoming semester as more subjects to come and research workload coming in...and that's the reason why i'm resigning from my focus on what i'm really into now..prioritize sangat penting these days..and i really need to be straight-minded.kadang2 ada jugak rasa bersalah that dapur sangat jarang berasap nowadays,for example.tapi no point kalau i masak tapi dengan kelam kabut n when we are stressed (esp sbb hubby selalu balik lewat and have the little chef 'helping' in the kitchen) makin lah cepat nak marah n naik angin..dah si anak kecil yang tak berdosa kena marah..jadi, lg baik kita prioritize masa utk spent main dengan dia after having take-away meals..cepat,mudah,hassle-free!when weekends come, i still can cook for the family, tu pun kalau tak balik rumah in-laws..hehe..

what is most important for me now is to spend quality time with my family and to graduate with my doctoral degree within 3 years..lepas dah grad nanti, insha Allah i have more time to cook daily for the family, kemas rumah (sapu, vacuum,mop hari2 sampai berkilat) etc etc..but until that days come, i hope all the three of us can hang-on what we are goingbthrough currently. tapi jangan laa sampai rumah jadi cockroaches breeding site pulak yer mommies. please to make sure you graduate nanti you can still have the family in potraits. jangan sampai betcerai berai because of stidy..nauzubillah..

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