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Monday, September 17, 2012

and the journey had begin


Selamat Hari Malaysia..
seronok betul hari ni membaca status kawan2 di facebook..bawak anak pergi playground..jalan sana..jalan sini..and me? stuck in front of this notebook and pile of papers to be work on.

hohoho...baru masuk minggu ke-3 first semester i dah rasa the sacrifice to be made..and its going to be a longgg way to go..i believe. Actually, I'm kind of enjoying it as I'm doing something that I really have interest in, cuma rasa sedih sebab kena sacrifice masa bersama family..working over the weekends for two weeks in a row now, really makes me thinking apa gaya lah agaknya in future?ini baru kat starting line.

i know and i am mentally ready..it is not going to be a journey for myself saje..it involves hubby and Rafique. there's a lot of sacrifice to be made by them as well. hope they will stand strong through this. semalam for example, hubby and Rafique went to kenduri without me. sebab i need to do my work. kalau i pergi 3-4 jam harus dah terkorban begitu saje..

anyhow, i'm hoping that this is only temporary..ye lah..we are now in the planning phase kan, mesti banyak kerja kena buat, kena plan betul2..i believe in the quote "IF YOU FAIL TO PLAN, YOU ARE PLANNING TO FAIL" obviously dont want to be one of those. Maka, bersusah-susah dahulu, bersenang-senang kemudian. Hopefully, bila dah start data collection, everything will smooth sailing..Amin..

hari Jumaat ni, I'll be having an ethics defence. please pray for me. tak approve ethics, lambat dapat duit, lambat ler start project. maka, kalau ethics takde problem, in sha Allah by November boleh start collect data. =) i really hope i can finish this within 3 years. so that i'll graduate before 30. pray for me please yer kawan-kawan..

and this cheeky boy of mine..

will turn 2 in 8 days..belum mahu wean off..dan tak nampak gaya macam nak wean-off langsung. nak sleep training pun tak berjaya lagi. but somehow, i feel better to let him sleep with me..dah ler ibu ni memanjang busy, nak main dengan dia pun tak sempat these days.. at least, if he's sleeping with us, ada jugak lah bonding time di situ.. ^__^

as a conclusion, cita2 nak buat birthday party untuk Rafique this year tinggal cita2 dan angan2 jer lah..ibu is too busy to organize a party. plus, duit pun dah tak tahu nak korek mana pasal dah buat bayar yuran..hehehe..sorry yer Fiqfiq..kita cuba lagi next year.


Peri PiA said...

insyAllah u can do it

Ann Ilias said...

Good luck Dina!

Puan Jiha said...

rajin nye la DIna....good luck babe

Zura@Iwan said...

gud luck yer...