Tuesday, June 26, 2012

my e-mail was hacked!

assalamualaikum and good morning darling friends..

my e-mail was hacked. should you receive any e-mail from me (my hotmail account) saying that i'm raising some funds for charity bla bla bla please ignore them. thus, i'm officially not using the hotmail account anymore.what i'm worried of right now is my blog and niffies account was registered through that e-mail account. how am i gonna fix that eh? is it possible to change my blogger login ID? if i did'nt change, will my blog been hacked too??/

anyoone ever experience this? please please please advice me on this.
i love this blog so much that i can't imagine if i loose it.

to the hacker:

what the hell were you actually got from hacking my account?
i'm no one but someone who love my family, friends and blogging so much.
it won't worth you any penny from hacking my e-mail account.
such a waste of time!!



aziyana said...

email yana pernah kna hack sampai xblh bukak..die tukar password rasenya..benci btul dh la segala benda yg register under email tuh...

rasnya kt blog leh tukar email tnpa jejaskan blog tp xingt dh

deena awanis said...

yana : mmg pun..skrg ni tak boleh bukak..dan sume emel pun mmg tak masuk dh sbb emel tu dina synjc kat henfon. tapi xde any notification. =(