Thursday, June 21, 2012


I got two shocking news this morning.

first news. one of my officemate punye kereta had been stolen kat our office area. in the broad daylight, yesterday. cara pencuri tu adalah buat2 macam dorang nak tarik kereta as if this person tak bayar installment ..these 3 fellas, wearing like bouncer tukang tarik kereta with their pouches, sling bag and some documents in hand then terus tow kereta tu.. even security guard and everyone watching the "scene" tak tanya atau cakap apa2 since they thought kes kereta kena tarik!! wehhhh.. takde guna lah alarm system ke, steering lock etc etc segala precaution kalau macam ni punye cara pun dah boleh curi kereta!! sesak nafas sekejap dengan ceri ta tu. 

takde tempat yang selamat sekarang ni. we used to be worried kalau parking at secluded area, tak ramai orang bla bla bla..but now siang2 hari, tempat ramai orang (even peoples are watching them mencuri)!!speechless. starting from today, security guard should be more aware and curious lah i rasa..kalau tengok orang nak tarik kereta, they should ask. kalau macam ni punye kes, tak mustahil satu hari nanti tow truck datang kat depan rumah kita and just tow our car. nauzubillahiminzalik.

second news. juga berlaku kepada my colleague yesterday. she was driving alone melalui federal highway around 10.30 am. one guy on motorcycle, bagi signal to her telling that there's something wrong with her car's tyre. she almost stop when she realize that another motorcycle with 2 fellas had been tagging along with her car. tapi sebab lama sangat dorang follow tapi my colleague tak berhenti jugak kat bahu jalan, they finally give up and diverted. fheww..can't imagine kalau her instinct say she should stop..nasib baik lah..

and i heard these days they even use bom asap to make us (especially ladies driver driving alone) stop our car kat bahu jalan..well..kalau dah tetibe nampak ada asap kat tayar or bonet kereta, obviously we are afraid kan??macam2 cara boleh buat kalau nak buat jahat yer..

semoga kita semua dijauhkan dari perkara2 macam ni..these people have a lot of brilliant ideas to trap us and we have to ready with precautions measures too!!take care friends..


aziyana said...

jahatnya manusia zaman sekarang ni...kadang kita xtau nk amik precautions ape lg kan

♥ ROS ♥ said...

Takutkan.. Moga kita dilindungiNya.. En.asben dh pesan jgn bg kreta nmpak gegirl sgt :p

izzah azfar said...

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rDnA said...

Macam-macam sekarang ni kan?sampai takut nk drive mana2 sorang2..ada je idea org jahat ni nk buat

Hanani said...

memang takutla skang kan..tapi mmg kena extra careful kan..

ellisya said...