Tuesday, March 9, 2010

11th week..

hohoho!!!kalau ikutkan normal pregnancy 1st trimester is the hardest time for mums because of the morning sickness stuffs..so, only 2 weeks (including this week) left for me..hope things will get better after this..

starting from this week, my baby is now can be called fetus and the period of rapid growth will be started..means my tummy pun will grow bigger la..hehhehe..x sabar mau tengok perut ini membuncit..=) funny feelings rite??previously, asyek sibuk nak diet la, control makan la..exercise laa juz because don't want to look fat, now i'm worried because x gemuk!!
at the beginning of this week, the fetus is about an inch and will be about two inches by the end of the week..wah!!!cepatnye besar!! plus, sometimes around this or next week, blood will begin to circulate between baby and uterus and placenta also will start functioning!!hoyeahh!!chayok baby!!

hope everything goes well for the baby and me..supposely, morning sickness is coming towards the end..as for me, muntah dah berkurang but then still lagi rasa loya especially bila naik kereta..so that, selera masih lagi ditahap yang kurang memberangsangkan..anyway, my mum punyer nasi minyak ari tu still berjaya makan 3 KALI okkkkkk..hehehe..tapi after that, selera terhadap nasi macam hilang terus..=(

currently, perasaan x sabar sangat nak kembali ke keadaan before pregnant..i mean in the pink of health..sebab since last month rasa cam x terurus pulak umah tu..ngan pengumpulan baju x berlipatnye..ngan rumah yang x teraturnye..x masuk lagi baju2 yang x di iron..huhuhu..Thank GOD for blessing me with a super understanding hubby!! sangat sabar layan kerenah isteri pemalas ini..

and the message below is special to my hubby i know he's reading this blog...

and i berjanji everything will go back to "normal" in this short while..no need to wait sampai i bersalin k..dont worry..


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Princess Ayang said...

cayiok mummy....hehehe