Friday, January 22, 2010

pregnancy symptoms

bulan masih belum mengambang..:35:

yesterday i told my hubby about doing the pregnancy test but he said better wait for few more days.


i pun rasa macam tu jugak actually (about waiting for few more days before doing the pregnancy test), but my opismets yang over-excited asyek insist me to go for the check up..tu yang i pun rasa cam terlebey excited..

so, i decided to do little research about pregnancy symptoms.but, these symptoms is not the same for all women and the degree might be different to one another..

ok, this is the list of the symptoms..

1. missed menstrual period? yes, 5 days late already!!
2. swollen or tender breasts? NO
3. fatigue/tiredness? balik keje of coz ler penat..
4. nausea/morning sickness? berat nak bukak kelopak mata pagi2 boleh consider as morning sickness x??hehe.. NO

5. backaches? yes, especially days before i am scheduled to be "period"
6. headaches? yes
7. frequent urination? yes, but everymonth dekat2 nak period i memang kerap urinate.";})();ButtonMouseDown(this);'>8. darkening of areolas? haishh!! x perasan ler plak..
9. food craving NO but i kept on feeling hungry..huhu:42:
10. abdominal bloating NO
11. mood swings NO

:17: 5 NOs and 4 Yes..apekah??



Princess Ayang said...

blom lg kot dear... sabo2 la..
tp klo konpom, cpt2 announce ek..

deena awanis said...

hukhuk..ntah laaa..mmg x keruan aku dibuatnye..tapi doakan la betul ek!!huhu