Friday, December 11, 2009

on leave

today is Public Holiday for Selangor in conjunction with Keputeraan D.Y.M.M Sultan Selangor..Daulat Tuanku!!


kerap2 la sket tuanku celebrate keputeraan ey..bley i cuti!!i mmg suka cuti2 neh..=)

as usual, since my MIL went to London to take care of his grandson as i've told here, so as an obedient children , my husband and i will be going back to Meru to help his home alone dad with the household works..beruntung tau dapat daughter in law yang baik hati cam i neh..hehhehe..pandai masuk bakul angkat sendiri lagi!!double bonus gitew!!!hahaha

supposedly we went back last night but my hubby came back from work quite late arrived home at 11.00 p.m then we went to Putrajaya to send off his aunt's lappy, its too late to drive to we decided to go back this morning..but until know, hubby still menjalankan duties with his PS lagi..huh..can 11.42 a.m still considered as morning???and still dunno when he'll stop..

xpe la..while waiting for him i bley bermalasan on the bed or ZZzzzzzzZZZZ...


that's all for now..



sI tEDI said...

deena. masakkan apa untuk FIL tu?
he he he

deena awanis said...

masak simple2 je cik tedi..
tapi yg geram tu, kalo masak utk hubby je kat umah, cam bley tahan gak r sedapnyer..hehehe..(puji diri sendiri lagi!!)

tapi, kalo masak for my FIL, ade jer yg x kena..=(
baru bajet nk tunjuk hebat!!huhhuhu..

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