Thursday, December 17, 2009

cameron highlands on christmas hols???

semalam abah call and asked whether we (me n hubby) are going to Cameron Highlands with them or not during the coming christmas hols..actually he planned to go there this weekend but due to some family matters the plan had been postponed...

ada 2 perkara yg perlu difikirkan in order for me to decide whether we are going or not:

1) kalau we ols pergi, then how about papa???shian ler papa (my FIL)..coz if we go to Cameron, then we can't pay him the weekly visit... Option : abah suruh ajak papa join the trip skali..can see how my abah really hope that we can join the trip kn??actually lama gak r i didnt follow any vacation with him..maybe sbb tu kot he really insist..

2) i'll be sitting for my final exam on 2,3 and 9 January which is a week after the Cameron trip will rasa cam bersalah ler plak nak pegi berhoye-hoye ketika di ambang exam..huhu..mulia giler kata2..walaupun dalam otak dan hati siyes mengatakan i really do need the vacation!!!

so, cemane yer???

my hubby already agreed about going for the vacation..cuma x sure whether papa will be going or not coz he might be working on that days..


anyway, pegi ke x pegi pun still i need to find the apartment for them to stay..n kalau we ols pegi pun, abah dah janji nak sponsor for accomodation..hehehe..

actually i've been to Cameron Highlands twice. first time with my coursemates pergi-balik hari je and another one time with few friends when we go for hiking- Puncak Irau obviously ler x tdo hotel,dlm khemah jer..thus,mmg no idea about aby apartment or hotels there..

i've browsed through just now...and found quite many choices such as these apartments..

Greenhill Apartment in Tanah Rata

puncak arabella in Tanah Rata

and few more such as Brinchang Town Apartment, Heritage Hotel Apartments..and these apartments LITERALLY written in their websites offer similar services - 3 bedrooms, 2 toilets, rice cookers etc..obviously ler sumer website tulis yg baik2 jer nak promote kan..x kan ler nak tulis yang x elok such as: 2 out of 3 bedroom's ceiling bocor, 2 toilet tapi 1 tersumbat, pekerja2 saya sumer sombong2 belaka..

anybody have experienced their services???hope u guys can share..

:smoke:kunun nak dapat 1st class. tp de hati nak pi vacation before exam plak???


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