Thursday, November 12, 2009

conference @ first world hotel, genting highlands

Friday till sunday last week i've went to Genting Highland to "attend" a scientific conference organized by my being told earlier, actually i was FORCED to go...=( so, the excitement was'nt there la...

Actually, we were supposed to present our poster during that conference but we repel at the very last minute due to these problems...

  1. they did'nt inform us earlier that we (my friends and I) had been selected to present our poster. Yes we submit them the abstract to be evaluated but there is no follow up from them (the organizing comittee) that we had been "succesfully" selected!!
  2. the MQA audit things are coming on last tuesday & wednesday (where a lot of things havent settled yet on last FRIDAY) and we really dont have time to do other thing but preparing for the audit!!
So, after some discussion, they (the comittee) decided to let 2 of us to go under the comittee's ticket. else we have to pay RM500/person if we're not a presenter...Huh!!!!!!

Hurm...begitulah panjang lebarnye alasan kitorg untuk x nak pegi ke conference tu...hahahaha..giler pemalas!!but finally,terpaksa gak memberatkan bontot n meredhakan diri pegi gak..=(

I pergi naik bas je..senang..watpe nak menyusahkan diri yang dah sedia kering ni kan kalau dah de transport disediakan..tapi terpaksa la menyesakkan diri wif bau makanan2 baby plak dlm bas siyesly ramai giler lecturer (foreigners-mostly from India) yang boleh hangkut ngan anak bini dorang skali pegi conference tu..huh???apekah?????rasa cam naik bas nak gi picnic pun ade..=(

Our arrivals (MUCH's staffs) obviously laa xde yang menyambut kecuali 2 banner di depan pintu masuk hall. pastu terpaksa tunggu plak untill all other participants registered because dorang takut x cukup room kat First World tu.WTH???? if that's the case, they will send us to Awana Resort...huh????

~~sempat lagi pose masa tunggu check-in...~~
muka x bape senyum sbb bengang ngan receptionist!!

But i'm quite lucky that day coz i've been assigned to helped them to usher the VVIPs during the opening ceremony. as we have to get ready by 5.30p.m, so they reserved 2 rooms for us first while the others have to wait until all participants had registered...hahaha..lucky me..=)

Lepas dapat room, we go and get ready, have our "lunch" at 5 p.m sbb perut dah menjerit2 mintak diisi sbb dari pagi aku x makan pape..dah ke masa aku tgk kat depan hall tadi: CHINESE CUISINE...sukenyer laa aku ngan chinese cuisine!!!huh!!
aku ngn beah yang sedang melahapkan burger king!!x best' chicken lagi best...

Tapi apa yang berlaku on that night was so amazing!!!wat pertama kali dalam sejarah hidup aku, aku sangat enjoy the chinese cuisine!!!best woooo!!!CONGRATULATIONS to First World for able to change my perspective towards chinese cuisine...hehhehe...

ikan ni adalah sungguh sedap...ape nama dy???wallahualam...yang penting rasa cam sweet sour gitew!!!nyum3..

pineapple chicken rice with black pepper mushrooms..

lychee kang...termasuk dalam chinese cuisine gak upenyer mende neh...huhuhu

There are few more courses termasuk shark fin yang x sempat snap photos sbb kehusyukan makan di tahap x terkawal..hehhe..

untuk edisi hooray2 at Genting Theme Park, i'll continue later ek..tata titi tutu..

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