Tuesday, August 18, 2009

when men decide to get married..

Found an interesting article today..might be a way to get an answer for my question selama ni; "nape hubby nak kawen ngan i??"..soalan yang x pernah aku dapat jawapan lain other than a big smile from him..
there are 11 reasons that make a man decide to get married..
  1. pelengkap hidup
  2. to make sure their lives terurus
  3. kewangan yang mantap
  4. bosan ngan single life
  5. love a girl so much..hurmm..how romantic
  6. physically and mentally ready..
  7. they want children
  8. cepatkan hubungan intim??aiyak!!
  9. secocok
  10. desakan parents
  11. desakan girlfriends..huhu..
hurmm...mane 1 la agaknye reason hubby nak kawen ngn i ey??;-) definitely not the last 1, and hope it was'nt the eighth or tenth..OMG!!

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