Friday, August 14, 2009

Happy anniversary!!

Its our 1ST anniversary!!! yeehaaa..130809..macam x percaya je we're busy preparing for our wedding during our first was a simple but sweet celebration..just for the 2 of us..coz others will celebrate us in bigger celebration in less than 2 months ahead..hurm...=)
i will always remember the memory of 130808..thanks for giving me the feeling of "i'm special"!!love u sooooooooooooo much forever and ever..
my hubby tengah tunggu masa untuk bukak puasa..actually dia temankan i ganti puasa..thanks again hubby..tahun depan teman i lagi ganti puasa ey=p365 days back, he already did "this"..=)now its time for movie relay..we watch GI joe and the proposal..thumbs up to both!!!perfect choice for us..he's the best thing ever happen in my life..mmwwaahhhhx..luv u always..

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