Friday, July 17, 2009

my engagement-060609

alhamdulillah..dengan izin-Nya, selamat jugak aku jadi tunang orang..the engagement ceremony was held in my mum's place on 6th June 2009.Its just a small event tapi cukup meriah dengan kehadiran family members and also my BFFs....thanks to my mum and dad..luv u always..mmmuuaahh
me on my big day..the biggest day will come soon..insya-Allah...

wif my dad on the special day..

yay!!!dapat cincin..hehehhe..

wif mama and my future mother in law..

wif my BFF's..tanty, nuya n nisa..thanks dear for being there..cepat2 sket tau..x sabar nak tunggu turn u all plak..hehhehe..the engagement rings..cantik x??=)

May Allah bless our relationship..AMIN...

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