Monday, June 22, 2009

bandung shopping hunt..

this is the second vacation trip for this month..hehe..may is my holiday..our flight to jakarta which supposed to be at 9 a.m had been delayed for almost 6 hours..hurmm..normal for air-asia fleets..we arrive at the airport around 1 o'clock, left from LCCT at around 2.30 p.m and landed at soekarno hatta airport, jakarta around 4 p.m (malaysia).
then we continue our trip from jakarta to bandung on a van by kangaroo transport...perjalanan dr jakarta ke bandung actually took around 3 hours but due to damn hectic traffic, kitorg ambil masa lebey kurang 4 jam untuk ke bandung..and to be honest jakarta's drivers are really '"menakutkan"..they drive as if there's no other transport on the road even its actually the traffic was damn packed!!!ape yang mengharankan kitorg is - even the drivers are very scary but sepanjang 3 days in bandung we didnt see any road traffic accident unlike in Malaysia, kat mana2 jalan pun, ade je crash...hurm...

sampai kat Bandung around 9 o'clock (indonesia time), all shops already we only went for dinner.mama, ibu n dianne plak lagi rela tidur dari iku kitorg pegi makan..above picture was taken while waiting for our dinner in Red Tulip Cafe..the foods are absolutely delicious!!!x percaya???buktinya:my milkshake yang sedap and murah giler..rp.9000..lebih kurang rm3 je kalo kat Malaysia...

Next day, our shopping hunt begin. and we really complete our mission..rambang mata tengok barang2 yang dijual kt Pasar Baru.semua cantik and pada harga yang amat sangat berpatutan...kt Malaysia memang x dapat...
waiting for our Pak supir to begin the shopping hunt..
my mum dicelah-celah timbunan tudung...lebey kurang rp 21000(rm7) each..rambang mata mum turn out buying 30pcs of tudung!!!ni pulak kedai handbags kt pasar baru..most of them are immitation but the quality are superb..bukan macam yang banyak kat petaling street tu tau..and the price pun quite affordable..yang paling penting kena pandai bargain because cewek2 indon tu mmg pandai betul tawar menawar..kalau kena caranya, u can get more than half of the price they told you earlier...=)
now is my turn to shop..beli kain banyak2..sume cantik and very cheap..kebaya yang sulam tu baru RM30 je sepasang..i was like crazy..macam nak beli semua je rasa..lace fabric was also sold at a very cheap price kat Pasar Baru tu..hasilnya??i beli 5 pasang for myself,1 each for my mums and also for my sisters..hehehe..jangan kata kat pasar baru or factory outlets, in front of the hotel also we can do shopping!!!but be careful.the price are slightly higher compared to pasar baru.. we go...its time to go lah antara hasil yang kitorg dapat from the 2 day shopping hunt in Kota Bandung..

p/s: kalau nak pergi bandung, jangan bawak baju banyak2, pegi sehelai sepinggang n bawak empty luggage je..hehehe...its a shopping heaven..=) i'm sure i'll be there again!!

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