Sunday, November 2, 2008

MUCH convocation

1st november 2008,saturday was a day to remember for all masterskill's staffs n students because it is the day of convocation as well as hari pemahsyuran Y.A.M Raja Azureen which is the eldest princess of Perak as MUCH's chancellor..i'm part of the working comittee for the big event,held in PICC (putrajaya international convention centre).
it was my 1st time step my feet in PICC on the rehearsal day..
the hall was the best i ever saw i my heart, i felt so jealous with "my students" as they are very lucky to be having their convocation in one of the most prestigious hall in Malaysia..not only the hall, even it's escalator do suprised got a sensor!!!phuiyooo...1st time in my life to see escalator with a sensor..hehhehehe..out-dated nye aku..
so,our group under 'SHIELA boss' had been assigned to take care of parents and greet them from PICC's entrance right,guide them straight away to the great hall..what irritate us on the rehearsal day was interrution from other "bosses"!!!why bother others task?????ishhhh!!!
On the 1st november, we went out all the way to cheras in our "jamie bond" suit as early as 6 o'clock in the morning..very unlucky us,when we arrived,PICC have full with parents who might be coming as early as 5 o'clock or maybe they are spending their nite in PICC..who knows...hehhehe..
i was in charge at the last esacalator,showing the parents the way to the great hall..while greetng them, i can see their excitedness to see their child receive their diploma..some came with their "best dress" while some looks like will be having a boria show later on..hmmmm...
but the event wasnt go as smooth as being planned.dont know where the mistake is, but there are many problem which we (usherers) really dont have any idea to handle it..we are not being briefed how many coupons they'll be having, we dont know where should be the sit for guest many things we are not being briefed..
finally, the event which is supposed to be grand, end up so messy!!so shameful!!!!people sitting on the staircases because not enough seats (supposedly enough as only 2 guest for each student),in fact usherers who they promised to have seats in the middle of the hall also dont even get a seat outside the hall, guest without tickets also enter the hall, tvs outside the so called prestigious hall did not being switched on, children below 12 years old also allowed to enter the hall (luckily they didnt shout or cry during the event)..huhuhu...
thank god my graduation did not end up like that!!!huhuhuhu..alhamdulillah...=)

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