Monday, November 3, 2008


uwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa....yesterday i met with an accident..kt federal highway (in front of armada hotel) when i was driving my silver viva heading to sunway..=( it was raining at that mistake coz i'm trying to use my handphone.suddenly an iswara ahead of me had an emergency brake.unlucky me who was trying to use mr N80,only apply my car brake, when our car is too near to each other thus it does not stop right on time until the crash...waaa...=(
the driver of the iswara was a pregnant lady.when my car hit the iswara, her husband went out the car and trying to scold me. but when he saw me crying with shocked, he just asked for my i/c and we both move the left side of the road..
alhamdulillah, thank GOD, coz nobody got injured.i felt so guilty as seeing their child was also crying in shock as i am.
then,i called my hubby straight away and ask him to unlucky me again, traffic at sunway at that time so congested.then,he spoke to that iswara's to go to balai polis subang.then, we 'kautim' to say that we've met with the accidnet in persiaran lagoon so that we can make the police report in subang jaya's police station.then, kena saman rm 400 n i've to pay before 9th february 2009..
after we've reported the accident, pegi antar viva silver ku ke bengkel perodua..then,we went to old town white coffee..mat nor banje..hehhehe..thanks mat nor..thanks for bnje us n thanks sbb antar i blk umah...hmmm..unluckily x de pic kete ekcden r...neves sgt time tu, x mampu nak berfikir..=(
hmmm...really hope i wont ever face the situation like that ever all drivers,drive carefully..we r all at risk!!!

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