Friday, October 24, 2008

my graduation

finally after working "illegaly" without my degree for almost 5 months, i've graduated officially last saturday (18th October 2008).proud gle dapat pakai jubah maroon dgn hood purple setelah penat berperang, bertolak2an utk dptkan jubah tu..huhuhu..
but it wasnt a very great day after all..why?? coz i thot i have friends who care for me but they are not actually..ak je yg perasan lebey!!!=(
luckily i have my parents n my hubby who are always there for me.. to frens who come to show their support and courage, thanks for the roses, teddy n chocolates.luv them so much..n luv u guys too..
to mama n abah..i think that degree is more than enough to show my ''effort' as well as pay all your sacrifice...
to my brothers n sister who are very excited wearing the maroon robe, hope this degree will be a moral booster for u. really wanna c u guys in your very own robes..wish ya luck for that..
to my luv, thanks for being there entertaining my family..really appreciate that..luv u sooooo much..
guys, wish me luck for my master degree k..hope i'll finish it with flying colours!!!!chaiyok!!

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