Thursday, October 9, 2008

congratulations to awanis et al.

25th April 2008-it's unbeliavable..lepas penat menangis petang semalam dengan pai, akhirnya kitorang buat2 redha prepare for final year project seminar today..started at 9 oc'clock in the morning, i was the last presenter that day.gerun jugak laa tengok presentation from my colleagues especially Q&A part.tambah plak one of the jury that day, Dr.Norlen is from MIROS and he is very expert on road safety research which i've been doing.even dalam hati mmg dup dap dup dap jantung ni macam nak pecah, masa present dan jawab all those questions.alhamdulillah..i can answer all his questions.not very good but enough to satisfy myself..when the time to announce the result for best presenter, i dont even think i'm the one sebab kawan2 lain pun sume hebat2..alhamdulillah again..da rezeki..i've been announced as the best presenter for environmental and occupational health project 2008. walaupun macam x percaya, tapi rasa happy sangat coz x sia2 aku x tdo semalam..and the best part is tercapai gak cite2 ak nak ada nama kat salah satu award board kt faculty..yahuuuuuuuuuuu!!!n the bonus is all huruharacologist: thanks for ur support..n dont worry,as promised, pizza awaits u guys!!=)

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