Thursday, September 8, 2011

a long term plan...dream house

alhamdulilah..syukur sangatttt!!hubby have agreed to settle down in my hometown..eventhough its not like we are going to move to Kelantan very soon, at least i can start day dreams about our home sweet home!!=) if only we have loaddddssss of money, i'd rather choose to settledown in many shopping complexes so i need not to worry about where am i going to spend the ciput money i've earned..but, as we all know houses price in KL is too expensive!!! RM 250K++ for skyhigh apartment, RM440K for double storey house, RM1million for a semi-D and banglo would cost you up to RM3-4mils.Isn't that ridiculous???Allah give us the land for free what???=P

Thus, the only way to own a spacious dream house (so that i can have a football team size kiddos) is by settling down longgggg way from KL..lucky enough i've inherited a piece of land from my granny back in my hometown, thus what we've to think about to achieve our dream (money wise) is the home sweet home only!!not to worry duit nak beli us a lot i think..murah2 tanah kat Kelantan pun mahu 20-30ribu gak kan..

the plan is to make personal loan and built a 1 and half storey house with approximate size of 2000-2300 squarefeet..and hubby's EPF can be use for the deco deco we are yet to move, maybe in 5-10 years ahead until i complete my phD, we are going to make it as a resthouse, guesthouse or homestay or whatever you want to call it..i don't like the idea of long term renting because it might lead to severe damage compared to short-term holiday stays, people who go for holidays won't spent too much time in the house..and their kids won't have enough time to "repaint" my house..rite??? >>that is the general idea anyway..let time decide it for us..

as i've mentioned above, it's going to be our dream home..of course it will be designed interior and exteriorly according to our very own taste to suit our own lifestyle no??hiring a designer???NO!!what for??i'm not going to spent my money on what i don't really need..have you ever heard the word INTERNET???LOL!!

we(me n hubby) both dreamt of a L-shaped, one and half storey house..=) a big family hall, 4 bedrooms included our master bedroom on the top floor..spacious kitchen also a must and i want an open kitchen!!no hood needed..just natural air..wuwuwuuww...seronoknye berangan!! and i just fall in love with box houses design..rarely seen in my hometown..but not sure whether hubby will like it or not..will propose to him soon..but the overall design os going to be in modern contemporary concept with minimalist big bulky crowded english designs..still in the concept of LESS IS MORE..=)

here are some box house designs..

best siot doesn't cost me any penny!!!

come, share with me ur dream house babe..what type of house u always want??how many rooms in it??the design concept??

for fabulous house ideas, do visit here...u'll end up day dreaming all days and nights..^_^
may our dreams comes true..


Mrs Nageb said...

oMG best kan betul hubby u nak settle down kat kg u...huhuhu :)

MyRule said...

I pun mau pulang back for good kat home town yang 1jam setengah away from KL..Dapat buat rumah kayu ala2 teratak Firdaus (dalam citer Abang92 diorg berlakon guna rumah ni). ader halaman besar..banyak pokok2..ader sungai kecik belakang rumah..

TAPI..x jauh nak gi kuar shopping kat JJ bandaraya Melaka..tesco..Dataran Pahlawan..mahkota.. x jauh nak balik kg nenek mertua kat muar.. and..yang paling best kalau mau shopping di KL..boleh balik rumah mertua di Gombak sambil menyelam pi shopping.. HEAVEN kan??.. :)

deena awanis said...

khalillah : alhamdulillah..syukur sangat2..=)

my rule : oh n hubby was imagining time orang ramai bersesak nak balik raya from KL, kitorang pulak songsang arus raya di KL(hubby's side)..HEAVEN!!=)

MyRule said...

Betul3..x pyah jem..stress dok KL ni kan?..tapikan my hubby and baby dah already kat Melaka. I jek yang tersangkut kat Shah Alam ni.. Susah mau cari keja kat Melaka..huhuhu..

Berdoa sgt dapat seperti yang diimpikan..:)

aziyana said...

hihihih berangan je la mampu..nk realisasikan tu xmmpu so marilah berangan..
yana suka jugak kitchen open air, berangan nk buat untuk dapur basah :) tp dh beli rumah siap ni, kene renovate la..nk renovate tunggu ntha brape tahun la

e.l.i.z.@ said...

oloh pah ko keli berangan house design sememangnya menarik!

Peri PiA said...

Amin ;)

bertuah u

i pon tgu hubby apply blk dia nk blk kg dia,nsb baik xjauh dr kl..Alhamdulillah

i attempt failed,now kena apply blk mtk tkr..doakan ye deena :)

deena awanis said...

yana : memang best kalau dapur basah open my MIL house..i'm sooo love in it..

kak eli : ada rumah besar doh kan..mesti bestkan deco2 umah sendiri...

pia : insyaallah..ada laa rezeki tak lama lagi tuh.

Ann said...

thanks dina for the link
kita pun tengah excited survey for house deco
kalau dpt rumah atas tanah sendiri lg bagus

matilah lepas ni datang kerja asyik berangan pasal rumah idaman

MrS. F!zA said...

kalo dpt sebijik ni dsyt kan berangan gini..biler mna tau tetiba jd jutawan leh beli rumah cmni..

deena awanis said...

ann : banyak giler webby on house deco.click2 ajo..

kak fiza : kalau kat KL, konfem dina tak mampu..tapi sebab nak buat umah kat kampung, ada laa nampak sirna sket..=)

sweethOneY said...

alahai seronoknyaaaaaaaaaa.. berangan je pun dah boleh buat senyum panjang kan. kalau angan2 tu jd kenyataan lagi la double panjang. hihi

semoga dina and husband dapat membina rumah ikut rumah idaman tu :)

deena awanis said...

sweethoney: thanks.doakan kita murah rejeki yer,