Tuesday, May 24, 2011

the honey bunch final giveaway

Giveaway kedua yang i nak join hari ni dianjurkan oleh Kak Hanz from the charm chameleonchatterbox..the prizes are just soooooo interesting that made me can't resist this contest even i'm not so good at writing a slogan..3o words??tooo difficult as it is too short for a talkative lecturer like me..~sigh~ but will try my best..hihihihi..

sebelum buat slogan, u all boleh laa menjenguk hadiah2 yang sangat menarik nih..the sponsors are:

nak tahu details of the exciting present, do click the above picture yer..

Motherhood to me... is like conducting a research; using the best methods available to achieve the specific objective - in which to give the best in carrying my responsibility as my baby's guardian angel.. ^_^


Hanz said...

Thanks for joining. Good Luck! :)

fikaryna said...

gud luck dear..zaman sblm dpt affan mmg rajin join..huhu..