Tuesday, October 13, 2009

i'm impressed!!!

I've finished marking paper 2 for final exam food safety since the last friday but as En. Nik (from exam department) just completed the MCQ part after 6 last friday (aku balik keje 1800)-aku seorang yang sangat menepati masa. ie. masa nak balik keje je la tapi..huhu thus only today I manage to key in all the marks..and i was IMPRESSED!!!

Nearly fainted to see their results..mak aih..this is just a very basic subject!!neither toxicology nor epidemiology..haih..**a very long sigh*** Out of 38, only 2 of them got an A, 11 got less than 50 marks which means they have to resit the paper while the other 5 FAILED!!!(as u can see in the pic below (yang warna merah tu..)
This can be considered as breaking the record laa coz since i've been teaching this subject for the past 3 batches, nobody have failed!!!(so consider it was'nt may fault laa..) Lagi plak, 2 of them caught cheating (having short notes with them).. lagilaa confirm failed!!hisyyyhh..menyusahkan betul laa..dorang fail, aku kena wat report, masuk academic board meeting, prepare resit exam question, yang fail lagi la menyusahkan, nak kena mengajar korang lagi next sem!!!adooooo..giler x menarik=(

This really make me feel confused.Aku ni memang x reti mengajar ke???think i've tried my best to teach them..sumer method yang di rasakan berkesan dah try..tutorial??mind mapping??practical??revision????Subjek camtu punyer simple pun, they cant score!!x faham betul laa..apa la yang buat korang susah sangat nak faham ni??????????????????????grrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!

:angry::cry:p/s: lagi baik aku ajar Toxicology cam ni..memang sah2 susah..kalau fail pun xde la sakit hati sangat!!

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