Saturday, April 25, 2009

book fest

the book fair was held annually in putra world trade centre (PWTC) KL. never been there before, this is the first time i went to such a big book fair...abundance of books here and there..kaki novel like kak yati would be crazy looking at novels sold damn cheap for me, novel is just to be read not to be bought...baca orang punye sudah...hehheehe..
- abundance of novels @ karangkraf booth -

actually, i went there accidentally sbb pergi jumpa mama kt legend hotel which situated near by the PWTC..
As i went at nite not so many people there. Furthermore, the book fair is closing at 9.00 pm but from words of mouth from friends (some of them went there few times this week), there is a huge crowd during the day.... - PWTC book fair 2009 @ 8.30 pm _

what did i bought?? this is actually the first time i spent that much money on books..hehheehe..INVESTMENT=) Book of knowledge...its actually a collection of encyclopedia by Grolier..very nice unlike an ordinary boring encyclopedia..hope it would be useful for me myself, my siblings and my kids later..=) hubby, actually i hide this from you..takut u marah when u heard about the amount...hope by time u will be ok with them...hehhehe...

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